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It is very important for an open, civil society and a market economy that people can easily inherit, purchase, register and sell land.  People need to feel secure in their property rights; and their property rights should be easy to understand and to use. When people feel confident in their property rights, they feel free to exercise their civil and political rights, and also to engage in commercial activities — clear laws and rules governing property rights will encourage both local entrepreneurs and foreign investors to start and expand their businesses in Kosovo.

USAID is conducting the Property Rights Program (PRP) in Kosovo to improve the laws, rules and procedures related to people’s ability to exercise their property rights – to strengthen the rule of law and to increase economic growth and investment.

National Campaign in Support of Womens’ Rights to Property. US…Supporting Women`s Rights to Property. Nation-wide campaign in partnership with the President of the Republic of Kosovo Atifete Jahjaga and Ministria e Drejtësisë. Për Të Mirën Tonë!

Posted by USAID Kosovo on Friday, December 11, 2015


PRP’s activities are designed to achieve four objectives:

  • To improve the policies and laws governing property rights in Kosovo. PRP is supporting the development of the Government’s National Strategy on Property Rights, which will identify the most important problems affecting property rights in Kosovo today and will prescribe the actions needed to address them.
  • To enable Kosovo courts to resolve disputes over property effectively and efficiently. Property rights are strengthened when people know that they can defend their rights fairly and effectively in court.
  • To strengthen women’s ability to exercise their property rights.Women in Kosovo very often renounce their inheritance and own very little property.  As a consequence, they face additional challenges in starting their own business.  PRP is working to help address this inequity and enable more citizens to engage in productive economic activity.
  • To make information on property rights readily available. Today’s world runs on information, and Kosovo citizens need to have easy and reliable access to information on property rights.






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