Municipality of Pristina adopts the Disability Action Plan

March 07, 2018 – Pristina Municipality has adopted the Disability Action Plan 2018-2020 with 44 votes in favor and no objection from members of Prishtina Municipal Assembly.

This two-year Action Plan has been developed by HandiKOS Prishtina, supported by Engagement for Equity Program – E4E, funded by the United States Agency for International Development – USAID and implemented by the Training and Resource Center – ATRC.

Contributors to the Action Plan were organizations for people with disabilities: Down Syndrome Kosova, Municipal Association of Blind People, Association of the Deaf, ‘Deshira’ Club and Autism Association.


Some of the key points of the Action Plan 2018-2020 are:

Adhere to the employment 50/1 quota for persons with disabilities;

Incentivize employment of parents of children with disabilities;

Support social enterprises dealing with intellectual disability;

Develop the databases of persons with disabilities;

Provide working facilities for NGOs working with PWDs (at symbolic or gratuitous prices);

Municipality of Prishtina to outsource provision of services to licensed NGOs;

Training of family medicine staff for working with PWDs;

Inventory of children with disabilities;

Training the parents of deaf children in sign language;

Provide additional points in the case of awarding self-employment grants and engagement of people with disabilities;

Organize awareness raising campaigns for the admission of persons with disabilities and avoiding stigmatization in society;

Adapt sidewalks for wheelchairs throughout the city;

Provide access to public facilities for wheelchair users;

Construct public toilets with access to persons with disabilities through a card;

Raise people’s awareness for not using parking lots and toilets dedicated to people with disabilities;

Subsidize PWDs;

Incorporate the sign language on the website of the Municipality of Prishtina;

Identify and create jobs for 10 people with intellectual disabilities;

Monitor and obligate parents to send children for assessment and to adequate school;

Provide supportive teachers or class assistants and sign language instructors for children with special needs in education, based on the PIA;

Provide transport to children with special needs in education attending high secondary education;

Exempt persons with disabilities and companions from public transport payments, including private operators;

The numbers and names of urban bus lines must be in visible colors, be written sideways and be magnified;

Exempt persons with disabilities from municipal service fees (waste, water, heating, electricity, property tax);

Provide parking lots for persons with disabilities;

Exempt people with disabilities from private parking fees;

Refurbish existing facilities used by organizations working with people with disabilities

Provide day-care facilities for people with disabilities;

Enable freedom of movement for persons with disabilities (ramps, staircases, caravans, elevators);

Exempt persons with disabilities from the municipal car registration fee;

You may find the full text of the Disability Action Plan here.


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