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ATRC has signed MOU with 6 Kosova Municipalities

Within the project “Successful Practices – Functional Municipalities” during August 2010 ATRC signed MOU with 6 Kosova Municipalities: Prishtina, Graçanica, Ranilluga, Kamenica, Kllokot and Vitia.

All Municipalities agreed on objectives of MOU- Cooperation and coordination of activities during the project implementation “Successful practices – Functional Municipalities” and participation of Municipality Authorities in all events as planned in project.

Through this project ATRC aim to strengthening the capacities of Municipality Authorities and Civil Society representatives of 3 New Municipalities: Graçanica, Ranilluga and Kllokot as well as increasing the cooperation between New and Parent Municipalities.

Municipality Authorities of New Municipalities saw the project as an excellent chance in strengthening cooperation between civil society representatives and the municipality authorities, in order to fulfill the legal obligations and increase the citizen’s participation in local governance.
Moreover, they showed great interest on strengthening cooperation with Parent Municipalities.
Municipality Authorities and Civil Society of Parent Municipalities showed willingness on transferring the successful practices to New Municipalities, as well.

The project is funded by U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).





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