Environmental Protection and Waste Management

The project “Environmental Protection and Waste Management “ which is funded by the European Union through the Programme IPA  Cross-border Cooperation Albania – Kosovo 2010 – 2011. This project is implemented in the Municipality of Kukës (Albania) and Municipalities of Prizren and Suhareka (Kosovo).

The project is jointly implemented by the Institute for Urban Research (Albania) and Advocacy Trainings and Recourses Center ATRC (Kosovo) .
The focus of the this project is to protect the environment and contribute to economic development through promoting integrated waste management.

Education and training of local community and in particular of children on the benefits  of recycling and composting will contribute to a sustainable development and environmental protection in accordance with laws in force and adopted strategies at the national and local levels in Kosovo and Albania.

These objectives are also supported by groups of interest and it is a key focal point in the process of integration of both countries in European Union.

This project will contribute to improvement of collection and management of waste through support and technical assistance to local authorities and other interested parties, thus meeting project objectives.